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About Us
Alliance is a leading national Business Intelligence Solutions Consultancy. We specialize in Information Management - comprised of a full range of end-to-end Business Intelligence Solutions from data acquisition and warehousing to master data management, analytics and reporting - and Application Services - including development, integration, testing and support - delivered through our high quality and cost-effective hybrid global delivery model.

We pride ourselves on being the firm of choice for Fortune 1000 companies seeking to gain a competitive edge through technology-enabled improvements and efficiencies, and who are looking for a partner that exemplifies nimbleness, responsiveness, flexibility and unparalleled subject matter expertise. Our focus on the Life Sciences, Financial Services and Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail industry segments allows us to match that subject matter expertise to specific client requirements for maximum effectiveness.

Who We Are
We all feel it…today’s business moves at breakneck speed. Pause not, for you will surely be left behind. Oh, and by the way, it is no longer enough for you to work 10-12 hours a day, expertly putting out fires with Herculean skill and charisma, and managing your projects on time and within budget – it is now also your responsibility to weave in a healthy dose of innovation. So yes, if you wouldn’t mind terribly, please also build us a better mousetrap, produce more with less, and help us understand how we can reinvent our business to capitalize on those ever-elusive yet increasingly lucrative rewards we keep hearing about. Sound familiar?

Breakthrough successes are forged by those with broad perspectives and deep knowledge in all the right places. That is, your IT partner needs to not only see potential in emerging technologies, but also understand the economics of deployment, the evolving dynamics within the marketplace, the fundamentals of supply and demand, and the motivations of competitors. If you’re in need of someone who can alleviate you of more than some basic project management - someone who can do some of thinking for you, hold your best interests at heart, take a proactive stance in your personal success, as well as that of your company’s, be flexible and seamless to work with, and take accountability for outcomes…that is us.

Experienced Professionals
-We hire and retain top talent in all of our solutions and vertical practice areas; the domain expertise we bring to the table on every engagement is inherent, unparalleled and never compromised
-We have one of the largest and most loyal consultant networks and employ over 1,000 consultants each year

Flexible Business Model
-We are flexible in that we will engage in projects at any stage and at the level of involvement most appropriate for you, whether you seek fully outsourced project teams, individual consultants, or something in between (full risk, shared risk, no risk, onsite, offsite, offshore, hybrid)
-We have our own, proven project methodology, but will work within all client and industry standard methodologies

Enduring Client Relationships
-We have an 11-year history of client satisfaction and retention; our biggest clients now were our biggest clients then
-They like us because we never put them in a box, nor do make them pay out the nose for customization
-We are the only IT consultancy ranked consecutively in the Inc. 500 among the top 10 fastest growing private companies in America

Accelerated Solutions Methodology
Our overachieving workforce, repeatable solutions framework, extensive knowledgebase, Global Project Management Office (PMO) and collaborative tools and practices allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions to clients without missing a mark

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